13 June, 2019 | Blog

Why did the kingpin of Asanzo electronics industry conduct to re-position brand?

Changing and re-positioning brand of the kingpin of Asanzo electronics industry recently has made no little diligent in electronics industry. And the decision on re-positioning brand of thekingpin Asanzo foretole a strong development plan and promoted the brand value of enterprise

1. Know more about Asanzo corporation

Asanzo corporation was established originally in 2013 with enormous capital up to 20 million US dollars in Hochiminh city. This electronics firm appeare after 11 years has made numberous attraction to the whole market with huge consuming figure reach to 670 billion dong.
After this time, the corporation hasn’t stopped growing nearly 2 times each year, consisting of revenue and product supplies.

In 2017, this firm gained the revenue up to 4620 million dong covered with all of electronics, refrigeration, electric appliances and smartphone industry.
As the boss Pham Van Tam of Asanzo shared that, in the next 5 years, the tendency of firm will gain revenue of 10000 billion dong annual, develop stably to  become a leading technology corporation in Vietnam.

2. Which makes Asanzo want to re-position brand?

In the awareness of Asanzo kingpin, brand re-positioning is an important step for development plans sustainably and breakthrougly of the firm in the future.

Because logo as well as brand identity play an important role in developing the corporation, help customers easily to memorize by far.

We may say that brand re-positioning strategy of Asanso through logo and brand identity not only build the company’s brand firmly, prove the copyright of company with each prodduct but also lay the basis for marking the development as well as long progress.

Changing logo and brand identity of Asanzo can make sure suitable with target and vision of the firm in new period of time, make new highlight more strongly to the brand and contribute to increase the revenue of corporation.

3. What are requirements in brand re-positioning of Asanzo?

Be a leading company in electronics industry, Asanzo wants to re-position brand always requires highly optimal creativity, delicacy and be easy to remember so it ensures to access to customers the most quickly and makes a strong impression on them.

Especially, with famous brand as Asanzo, when carrying out to re-position brand, they always need to do research and survey market, consult the demands and requirements of customers. From then, they can conduct new brand re-positioning that is the most suitable for customers, make good impression on them.

New brand designs of Asanzo ask for simplity, embedding and fit with specific product, make impression on customers with every product and bring to the company a strongly new change.