14 June, 2019 | Blog

What do you know about Website Landing Page design?

It is possible to say that Website Landing Page design is an incredibly familiar concept in the field of Website design. Regarding businesses and units aiming to attract customers and establish a relationship with users, having an impressive and professional Website is extremely necessary.

This is also the reason why most enterprises and units need to find reputable and professional Website Landing Page design units to improve their Website to attract more customers.

1. A brief introduction to Website Landing Page

Website Landing Page is actually a site that has the same interface as the normal site. However, it is simpler than the usual website because its content just focused on a specific array or aspect, possibly business campaigns, new products, new services, events,… of that enterprise.

The purpose of the Website Landing Page is to attract a lot of customers and stimulate the purchase behavior of users, through which they also receive more information. This will help attract more users to visit the website and make an impression on them.

In order to achieve that, looking for a Website Landing Page design unit is absolutely necessary.

2. How many types does Website Landing Page include?

Landing Page can often be divided into many different categories. Although this is only a general goal or a form of expression, design styles should focus on uniqueness and impression.

Website Landing Page is mainly divided into the following categories:

+ Website Landing Page has Pop up advertising frames. This type often appears when users begin to access a new website and requests personal information, promotional code, or business news.

+ Website Landing page in the Microsite form. This type only has only a single page, a subdomain or a separate domain whose content has various relevant news linking directly to the main Website.

3. How to design an impressive and professional Website Landing Page?

For each unit and company, the design of a beautiful and professional Website Landing Page is absolutely important. These are the following methods that you can refer to:

+ Need to choose a reasonable title for your Website Landing Page. Subsequently, we can build specific values for viewers when they visit the page and perform actions as you want (collect information, purchase goods, view information….). As a result, we can help customers clearly recognize the purpose of the Website Landing Page.

+ Choose the objective and specific actions of customers that you desire, in which we have to clearly set targets when designing the Website Landing Page and focus on those goals. Besides, we need to build a simple, easy-to-do model in order that customers can experience the Website Landing Page more enjoyable.

+ Make an attractive but simple registration form when designing the Website Landing Page to make it easy for customers to perform actions there. This form should be simplified, just include important information such as name, email address, and telephone number.

+ Write clear, and easy to understand content for Website Landing Page. It should focus on the main ideas that we need to convey and relate to users. However, it is important that you should never stuff too much information.

+ Upload attractive and eye-catching videos, images is also an important criterion to design a successful Website Landing Page, in which those should focus primarily on the product. Besides, you can use the infographic to make your website Landing Page more attractive and effective.

So as to design the Website Landing Page, customers can use basic software and tools on the Internet.

However, if customers want to make sure that the design of the Website Landing Page is professional, impressive and attractive, look no further than our Website Landing Page design service at Brity in order to receive the perfect product at reasonable price.