13 June, 2019 | Blog

The latest trend of designing food package in this year ( Part 2)

In the competitive market times nowadays, with types of products as food, if would like to attract customers  for notice, it’s necessary to have an impressive food package design that follows the trend and makes exact tendency to make sympathy for customers.

Let’s find out more about the latest trend of designing food package in this year through the following article:

1. Designing food package in mailer style

Applying mailer style in designing food package is a special and breakthrough highlight that helps designers can design food package more impressively.

Food package designed in mailer style usually brings to clients the feeling of pleased and curious when they open packing. It is the same as giving a present from manufacturer.
It also brings to customers many strange experiences. We can take advantage of this psychology to  design variety of impressive, attractive and absorbing  packing models in mailer style.

2. Food package designed in the trend of using as a part of package

In fact, making customers buying products curious about product vision behind packing is one of the good designing ways to make interested and attractive to customers.
This wayhelps to affirm more clearly  about quality as well as model of the product to brand.

3. Package style in Vintage style

Especially, in the last 3 years, package design in Vintage style has been loved by many customers. So designing package in Vintage style is usually suitable for packing product or food from nature completely.
In this year, Vintage style in food packing designs is completely raised to a higher level and brings to customers a modern and high-level style by far.

4. Designing package friendly to the environment

One of the most popular trend of designing package we couldn’t miss is that package design is friendly to the environment and protects the environment.

So nowadays, many food packages are used friendly materials to the environment instead of plastic packing before. It must ensure that package designed and manufactured can easily be decomposed and reused to make recycling materials.

This is one of the most out-standing trand in designing package that has been applied in the last few years. In addition to, using materials that can be recycled and originated from nature also bring the best sympathy to customers.

Hope that above consults will help customers to choose the most suitable trend of food package design that your enterprise needs.