13 June, 2019 | Blog

The latest trend of designing food package in this year (part 1)

Food package design is one of the most important things to help customers know more about food products in the most convenient way. Especially, keeping pace with the trend of designing food package not only makes sure to bring the high effection for sale but also ensure the high advertising for brand.

Below are some new trends of designing food package in this year that we can learn and refer to:

1. Simple, highlighted and clearly informative design

A food package that has a simple design, creates highlight and contains clear information are always attractive to customers.

So we need to make sure that the food package designs have irreducible  and subtle colors as well as makes sympathy for the customers.

Especially, with the quick demand of purchasing currently, customers are hardly patient enough to examine, look into and find outin details food products which are covered with complex, jumble packages. So an irreducible and obscure package also helps cusomers easily find  and use.

2. Lettering application in designing food package

Using stylized writing type in food package designs make the betterimpression on clients. It is considered as a quietly big benefit for many modern designers and doesn’t need digital tools to intevence.

The lettering trend of designing food package is also applied widely, suitable with energetic as well as young clients and brings pleasure to customers, subdues the notice of them.

3. Gaudy colors application in package design

Applying gaudy colors in designing package is an important norm to make this food package design more attractive to customers.

As many current clients have little time in choosing products. In addition to, buying products through Internet gains a vantage position. It is also attached more special  importance.

So a product package with the unique and impressive colors usually has a strong effect on customers’vision.

The trend of gaudy colors application in designs also appear quite much and is applied in many shelves of products as well as get loyalty from customers better.

4. Making a brand story through package design

Designing food package impressively by showing a brand story helps to attract clients by far. Especially, the use of demonstrated im
The story may be a progress of manufacturing, producing or using products so makes your brand story fascinating and brief.

By this way, we need to show the food package that has impressive image, attractive message transmission to ensure the effection and success.