Website design and development

Website design and development is regarded as one of the core first-class services of the business technology units. Brity’s website design services always give our customers the most convenient benefits with high-quality web, high SEO speed. Moreover, we also have the system of graphic designers to design unique products according to the requirements of customers so that we can achieve our customers’ absolute satisfaction with the quality of the company’s services.

1. Website interface

With our high-quality services, we always ensure the web interface is designed according to the requirements of customers, which includes ensuring the highest impression as well as uniqueness and particularly, attracting a large number of followers as well as making web run fast and efficiently.

2. Modern technology

With our services, we have developed website systems and web-based management software developed by that unit which can be run on Unix / Linus operating systems with the ability to add and expand fast and easily. In addition, the mainly used programming language is PHP (which has the advantage of flexibility, safety and high security). The web-based database is MySQL.

There are also other software such as:

+ Webadmin management software: These software solutions are designed by Brity with easy-to-understand, efficient input tools that meet the needs of the company, ensuring fast, easy-to-use data entry.

+ Web and graphic design software: image processing software, web development software, flash design software, and many other supporting software.

Website is compatible with most popular browsers: IE, Firefox …

Template technology: Allows splitting of web pages into three separate sections: HTML interface, PHP code, and database. Template technology makes website code clear, easy to modify, and expand later.

3. Browser compatibility and search engine

With the designed website system, we always ensure the maximum compatibility with the browsers and the search engines to be able to optimize the highest-quality services of customers. It’s safe for the customers to rely on their own search engine to promote their products to be on top of searching result in the most efficient, fastest way and  on every well-known browser as well as on all search engines.

In addition, the website design system at Brity ensures the maximum security of the customers and optimizes every database, creating absolute beliefs for customers.



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