Visual brand identity

Visual Brand Identity is all tangible elements of the brand, including official identity, slogan, logo…. These are all vital factors that make customers find it easier to distinguish this brand from the others brand.

Especially, the customers, who use the designing service of visual brand identity of Brity, are always confirms that the visual brand identity of the enterprise is consistent, harmonious with the images, with the aim to set up the most significant profession in customer’s perspective.


1. Why should we design visual brand identity at Brity?

Choosing to design visual brand identity at Brity is always committed that Brity will utterly establish to the customers the best final products.

Using visual brand identity at Brity not only sets up a stunning profession for your business, but it also does create the unique image of your own company. Therefore the firm can appeal the client easily and fully flourish the trust of your investors, your partners as well as your customers.

A good visual brand identity also makes it straightforward for clients to bear the brand in mind, thereby they can easily categorize and distinguish the field that your business is working on, which generally extends your firm size and attract investors more effortlessly.

The visual brand identity also helps to ascertain your business’s field in the client’s prospect, which makes certain and offers the industry’s standards and business standards in the best way.

2. What does the Visual Brand Identity consist of?

The full range of visual brand identity includes a variety of constituents, including some core identities such as slogan, logo, brand name, or brand guidelines. There are also more official identities such as: bills, business cards, uniforms…..
And there are several marketing publications such as catalogs, company’s profiles, project’s brochures, flyers / leaflets, Sales kits.
The visual brand identity also contains product identity like: packaging, label … or internet brand identity including Company’s Website, Landing page, Facebook fanpage, Banner advertisements, Email marketing…
Besides, there are also numerous other fields within the visual brand identity, which depends on the size and the operation of the enterprise.

3. Designing the Visual Brand Identity at Brity.

If you are looking for a well – qualified visual brand identity, choosing Brity as a creative, energetic and well – trained designer of visual identity brand may be a truly perfect choice for your firm.
As a highly specialized unit in the visual identity design, Brity owns a professional, advanced, artistic and creative designing team, which demonstrates the personality, the core values ​​and characteristics of the brand, thereby creating the unique value for that brand.
In order to design your own unique and remarkable brand’s app for your business, customers can look for our Brity’s application: Brand Designing. Here we have all the first – rate experts in the field of designing and brand identity, and we also have superior experiences in the sphere of advertising design, marketing communications in Vietnam, which absolutely ensures to full all the needs of your customers.


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