If your business is looking for a beautiful and high-quality brochure design unit, Brity is the first-class company to receive trust from the majority of customers. At Brity, we provide our customers with fast, unique, eye-catching brochure design services to enhance the appeal of your business and promote your business success.


1. What is Flyer?

Flyer, also known by its common name such as leaflet and print ad, is designed to make it easier to convey information to the consumers, in which the leaflets usually have a two-sided page printed with information and advertisement images.

All the information printed in the leaflets is often required to be concise, short even has the same role as a small poster, which is also small in size, printed in large numbers to minimize printing costs.

This is also the reason why before printing leaflet, the business should look for professional design services to build content filter, minimize information in text, enhance the eye-catching images and other designed objects to attract users.

2. What’s special about the flyer design at Brity?

Brochure design service at Brity is considered as a leading service that is trusted and used by many customers. With criterias including the quality assurance and good control of printing quality, Brity is always committed to give customers the most eye-catching leaflet designs.

The leaflet designs at Brity are all about simplicity, which use a few major types of color and are not flamboyant at all, modern fonts, layout of the pieces in the design is well utilized.

In addition, the Brity flyers are designed to create a straight line between the elements in the design, making the most of light efficiency, 3D, gradient.

Brity always uses vectors in cases where it can be used to increase the sharpness, with the color parameters of CMYK 4-color system.

In addition, the flyer is designed to ensure alignment, margin, safe distance of the word. Choices of high-resolution images, color images are suitable for the design tone.

Customers choose the design leaflets at Brity always ensure the design quickly, convenient and ensure beautiful leaflets, attract customers.


11 June, 2019


11 June, 2019

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