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How to design unique and eye-catching app Icons?

What is an app Icon? Why does every application need to have an Icon for specific identification and how to design unique, eye-catching app Icons? This is something that not everyone knows so the article below will help users better understand the Icon design for their application.

1. The concept of app Icons?

Perhaps many people have not heard about app Icons before. In fact, in order that people have a closer access and pay more attention to the application, the Icon is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of the business application. App Icon is an image that represents the application so it should be designed accordingly to illustrate the core value and encourage users to interact with your application.

An app Icon that has an eye-catching and unique design can attract users immediately. In addition, they will also not have to spare an effort to look for the correct application that they desire. Therefore, this can accelerate the process of downloading the application by users


2. When designing app Icons, which elements should be taken into consideration?

Prominent elements

In fact, an app Icon with a unique and impressive design can be so prominent that it will make users feel curious and download the application. There are many people who can download your application, temporarily keep your application in their phones and only after a while do they actually open your application. Therefore, concentrate on designing for your application a distinct identity and uniqueness.

Easy to identify

When designing the app Icon, one of the key factors is how to express your brand in a way that customers can easily identify. The important thing that designers need to keep in mind is thinking about all the screen types that your application may appear. They should make sure that any user using any device can still identify their application.

Simple, clear, avoid intricate design

In fact, your application will have to compete with millions of others in the application store so the design section is quite important as it expresses the aesthete as well as the message of the designer. The Icon is the first thing that users see when searching on the application store, followed by the title and the previewed images of your application. Consequently, if your Icon describes what your application has, there will be several great advantages. However, you also need to be cautious about not having a complex design. It has to be clear, creative and illustrates the product you would like to introduce.

When choosing Brity, you will be consulted by our design team to find the appropriate solution. As a result, customers will always be provided with beautiful and unique app Icon, but still be capable of conveying the desired content.


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