Working Process

We aim to an effective and time- saving process, optimizing time and workload in order to get highest quality products with suitable budget for your brand.

Analyzing and Research

Brand identity design requires combination between research and analyzation from both designers and enterprise. In the other hand, CEO of enterprise should take part in from this period

- Internal research
- Understand users
- Analyze competitor


This is the most important period in our working proceed. It will decide the main idea of project. We will then present the ideas to clients and have adjustments. After that, the most suitable idea will be selected. All the remaining parts of project will be continued being proceeded.

Trade mark protection

Any business nowaday needs trade mark protection, so we can prevent our brand to be copy by other competitors. Apply trade mark protection is also a safe decision when starting a project

Brand Application

All the brand application system of the project will be basically designed. Then, clients will have correction request to our team to fix until it is completed. A completed project contains all elements of style, colors, materials and advise when clients start to print.

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