9 March, 2020 | Chưa được phân loại

Restaurant brand identity design

What does designing a restaurant brand identity need?

In the current new  trend, the design of a restaurant brand identity is considered as a determining factor for the survival of that restaurant. The core elements in the identifier include: logo, slogan, uniforms, billboards … Let’s join us to see what the design of the restaurant brand identity needs !

Not only businesses need to design their own brand identity but also restaurant should invest in designing a brand identity. This is a positive start for the restaurant when conducting the marketing campaign.

What does brand identity mean for a restaurant?

For restaurants, the design of brand identity is considered as a way to help the restaurant confirm its existence on the market.

Brand identity is the way restaurants help customers identify their brands with other brands. These will help strengthen the restaurant’s market competitiveness.

The restaurant will be highly appreciated by its professionalism through a nice and elaborate brand identity.

The brand identity system helps focus on emphasizing images to save large advertising costs. Since then create a group of loyal customers with the restaurant brand.

Establish brand assets through growth, awareness and understanding, loyalty of customer to the restaurant.

In the context of fierce competition today. Building a professional restaurant brand identity is the first step in determining the existence of a restaurant. Because having a brand identity and good service quality will make your restaurant survive in the market.

What does restaurant brand identity include?

A restaurant brand identity set includes:

The standard logo is the first element to create a brand identity. This logo design will affect other designs in the identifier later.

Menus and Brochures are familiar and essential designs to restaurants. These designs are printed on cardboard, wood, plastic or regular paper. It works to attract customers at first sight.

Flyers play an important role in restaurant events. Such as opening, restaurant birthday …

Tablecloths are also one of the important parts of the brand identity. Using your own printed tablecloth will make a level for your restaurant.

Wrapping paper, food containers. Unlike conventional paper, this paper has a good effect of absorbing oil and wrapping food.

Posters and outdoor restaurant signs. This product requires a strong design investment because of its large size so customers can easily identify it.

Staff uniforms are also what make the restaurant professional. Uniforms can range from the director, the manager, the receptionist to the waiters, the cook, etc. Uniform shirts and skirts help customers identify the restaurant’s staff easily when they need assistance.

Attention when designing a restaurant brand identity:

When starting to design a restaurant brand identity, you need to begin from the following things:

Making ideas to design logo and brand identity. At the beginning of the design process, staff need to go through an extensive research of the business. With the message and the content the business wants to convey, to the potential customers, vision and development orientation. From those studies, the design staff will introduce the identifier appropriately.

Outline the idea – this is the second step in the design of brand identity. In order to actualize the design, you need to show colors and shapes, standards for the entire brand identity system. Sketching will be done from the paper to the graphics software.

Graphic design ideas need to show the difference and help businesses make a mark with customers as well as competitors. This difference will come from the designer’s idea. Sometimes the idea has to break all the usual design rules and take risks.

The brand identity needs to make a mark. The purpose of this is definitely building awareness among customers. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the target customers and products of the business to give the most appropriate idea.

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