9 March, 2020 | Chưa được phân loại

Professional brand identity design for resort

Design a professional resort brand identity

The resort brand identity has a great importance of the professional resort business. Experience shows that the resort investing in a set of brand identity will make customers feel more secure when using the service. So what do we need to do to have a quality resort brand identity?

The competition in the resort industry is getting more and more higher, so what to do to attract customers when hotels and resorts spring up like “mushrooms after rain”. If you are looking to build a brand for your hotel, do not forget to invest in designing a brand identity.

The value of brand identity with the resort

Not only with business units, the brand identity is also very important for resorts. The brand identity helps your resort to be easily recognized by customers in the market.

The brand identity helps customers more easily access to the resort’s services. Customers are easy to remember, easy to recognize and easy to call the resort’s name when they meet again.

The brand identity is also a powerful arm for marketing campaigns. Because the used publications of this brand identity are very necessary in media campaigns and advertising.

The brand identity also increase sales and brand value. Customers will trust and are willing to pay for branded products and services. Sometimes documents, envelopes, product bags or gift baskets also become the pride of customers when using the services of the resort.

Designing a professional brand identity also helps to increase the value of the resort quickly. Many brands are valued at trillions of dollars, including the role of unique logo design that helps conquer customers around the world.

What does a resort brand identity kit include?

Design the identified logo and slogan of the resort.

Design of office identifier includes: seal, sprout, receipt, mail envelope, letterhead, notification.

Designing the identifier on the outside of the resort including billboard, poster, signboard, signboard hanging on top of the resort, logo on customer shuttle.

Design identifier based on employee uniform, employee card.

Design identifiers in the room area include: towels, soap, perfume, slippers, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, pajamas.

Design a brand identity through the resort’s restaurant area on items such as napkins, chopsticks, toothpicks, eating bowls, glasses, wineglass.

Design brand identity through flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, food menus, drinks menus in hotels.

Designing brand identity through gifts for customers such as t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, key chains, book bags, bags, pens, watches …

Finding a professional resort brand identity unit

A brand identity is considered as the face of the resort in front of customers, partners and competitors. Therefore, you need to find a professional design unit to work with you making up ideas.

Brity Creative is one of the businesses specializing in designing a brand identity for resorts and hotels in Hanoi. When using Brirty’s service, you will own an outstanding and impressive brand identity.

Designing brand identity ensures creativity, novelty that brings customers excitement. At the same time convey the message of the resort to them.

When handing over, we guarantee to give all of the highest quality identification files and vector files for customers to use. The original download link which whenever you need can be used.

The company not only supports you to apply for a business certificate with full ownership and use of Brity’s design, but we also support customers in consulting on branding and development from experts.

Brity commits to customers when using our brand identity design services as:

  • We are committed to ensuring the progress and quality of the design to meet the demands of customers.
  • Free consultation to build brand identity.
  • Support customers on modifying the designs until customers feel secure and agree with the final design version.
  • Customer care dedicatedly, support quickly when problems arise.                                                            Customers who need to design Brity brand identity please contact our hotline for more details!