9 March, 2020 | Chưa được phân loại

Professional brand identity design in Hanoi

A brand identity is considered as a collection of tangible elements that make up a brand. It has consistency that creates a distinction that identifies and distinguishes one brand from another. Designing a brand identity is an important and mandatory job for every business. In today’s article, we would like to introduce you the prestigious and quality brand identity design service in Hanoi.

Designing a brand identity is considered as a job serving the purpose of brand identity for businesses. However, many businesses in the process of starting to build a brand image are still wondering what the brand identity includes?

What does a brand identity include?

The brand identity set includes the expression of a company’s identity through messages such as images, languages, colors, etc. These include elements such as:

 Office brand identity system

  • Brand name
  • Slogan
  • Logo design
  • Envelope
  • Bill
  • Employee identification card
  • Uniform

Brand identity system on products

  • Packaging design of the product
  • Warranty
  • Labels are affixed on the product
  • Sheet or instruction manual.

Outdoor brand identity system

  • Advertising banners
  • Signs, billboards mounted on the buildings
  • Agency sign
  • The sign placed in front of the company office
  • Logo of the company

Brand identity system through marketing

  • Catalogue of product introduction
  • Advertising brochure
  • Flyers and leaflets
  • Capacity company profile
  • Website of company
  • Advertising TVC

The important of brand identity

The purpose of building a brand identity system is not only to make a difference, but also to show the unique personality of the business, from which aims to influence the awareness to create a sense of the scale of large enterprises, creating a high professionalism of businesses with customers and the public.

A company wanting to build and develop in the future should invest in brand identity. This will help you bring practical values such as:

  • The brand identity will help confirm the professionalism of the business.
  • Attract new customers, partners as well as investors to find products and services of the business.
  • Building customers’ trust with the business shaped in their minds and hearts.
  • Increasing the value of business brand in the hearts of the public.
  • Differentiate the brand and increase the competitiveness compared to the rival.
  • Reduce advertising and promotion costs for businesses.
  • Brand value develops sustainably with the time.

The standard of designing a successful brand identity

A successful brand identity needs to response the following criteria:

  • The brand identity must show the difference. In order to survive in today’s fierce competitive environment, your brand needs to create a different value to create impression that attracts customers.
  • The brand identity should ensure cohesion. Businesses need to connect to customers’ concerns to meet the demand of target customers.
  • The brand identity needs to have the consistency of the message, the product, the service to get an intimate relationship that creates value convincing customers.
  • The brand identity should be professional. This is the key for customers to appreciate the value of your business.

Professional brand identity design unit in Hanoi

If you are a new business struggling in the process of building your brand identity, let leave it to Brity Creative, we will support and advise you on a total branding solution.

Brity’s experienced professional staff have successfully built a brand identity for many partners. The professional workflow will help customers get the best quality brand identity.

Step 1: Research on brand of businesses including: target customers, competitors, research on products and services provided by the company, brand development orientation, ideal and nostalgic future storm ..

Step 2: Building a brand development strategy based on: analyzing user experience, making  differences …

Step 3: Designing the brand identity. Include:

  • Name the business
  • Design Logo
  • Create Slogan
  • Design brand identity
  • Develop marketing application documentation system

Step 4: Consulting on branding plans for businesses, including:

  • Develop on communication strategy
  • Develop on media ideas
  • Develop on marketing communication plan on channels
  • Support the implementation of communication activities

Brity Creative’s brand identity design service will provide customers with in-depth advice on how to build a brand identity. From there, your business will convey the vision and brand development mission in the future.

We commit to customers products created from Brity’s brand identity design service will meet all of these criteria: beautiful, impressive, unique, suitable and professional.

After the end of the contract, customers will also receive brand protection advice to ensure that your company’s image will not be plagiarized, or disputed over intellectual property rights.

If you want to find a unit designing a brand identity in Hanoi. Please contact the company’s hotline for advice and support as fast as possible.