3 March, 2020 | Blog

How to own a good packaging design ?

Designing product packaging is an important process to attract customers. The combination of colors, layout and product images make the brand of a business different. Among the nu merous types of products displayed on the market, a product with a beautiful and attractive packaging will often win the attention of customers. In addition, the beautiful and impressive packaging design will help increase sales, contribute to improve the brand value, brand identity of businesses in the market.

The demands for current packaging design

On the market today, there are countless products manufactured to serve the needs of people from food, electronics, household appliances, … in the production process, the use of packaging is extremely essential.

Product packaging is one of the effective ways to promote product images and brands of the business. A beautiful, outstanding packaging will attract consumers at first sight, despite good quality but not impressive, it is also very difficult to create a position and attract consumers.

A good packaging design which is able to associate emotions with customers will create huge competitive power. To help customers identify the products well, investors need to focus on investing in image advertising, and designing the most impressive packaging to demonstrate the professionalism of the business.

As a result, the demand for packaging design currently tends to increase rapidly in developing areas such as Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, … so choosing a reputable packaging design unit is extremely necessary.

The use of good packaging design

Customers will more trust in your product

Products, product packaging have a very close relationship because a product with good packaging always creates sympathy, positive for curious customers so that they want to try your product more. A product “drugstore” or “high-end”  depends greatly on the appearance and packaging design.

Advertising Brand

The benefits of promoting a great brand image of packaging are really effective and the evidence is that businesses always know how to refresh their products by designing beautiful, eye-catching packaging to increase the aesthetics of the brand.

Attract customers

For users, products with novel and striking packaging will be more noticeable. Therefore, products with beautiful and unique packaging will receive more attention from customers and that is an advantage compared to similar products.

Increase revenue effectively

Sometimes, users are often driven by emotions when buying spmething, many people buy an item just because they like its image, packaging design, but not for the quality of the product inside. Accordingly, one with beautiful, eye-catching packaging is easily chosen , from which the sales are more advanced. However, with the customers who want to use your product in the long term, the quality is also very important.

Tools to identify imitative and fake goods

Counterfeit and pirated products  sold on the market in the same way as genuine products  make it difficult for consumers to distinguish.

Product packaging is a powerful weapon because the beautiful and unique design and able to affirm its own brand will be very difficult to coppy.

How to own a good packaging design ?

This issue is one of great concern to businesses because it directly affects to the image of the brand, a good packaging design brings a lot of benefits to the business, creates  impression as well as shows the professional working style. Some good packaging design principles include:

Ability to identify your brands

No matter how good a product is, if you do not invest in packaging design, it will be quickly buried in the market and reduce the brand’s spread. Packaging is considered as the face of the product, so the design process must represent your logo, items, slogan so that customers can recognize the difference between your brand and thousands of the same products.


A good packaging design principle is creative because it creates a special attraction with customers in highlighting products among hundreds of thousands of other products on the same booth. Accordingly, customers will be overwhelmed immediately with specific packaging products.


Usually when buying any product, customers often have the habit of finding out product information such as ingredients, utilities, usage, suppliers, expiry date, storage, … then the information on the packaging have to ensure the honesty that creates the believability for customers.

The use of material

A  factor that determines a perfect packaging design is material. Accordingly, the material affirms the professional working style or whether the business is devoted, focuses on their products or not.


You should choose not only durable materials but also the feature of preserving the product from external influences such as moisture, dirt, temperature, … Nowadays, environmentally friendly materials are the trend that many businesses take this direction.

Choosing a good packaging design agency

Choosing a good and reputable packaging design is important so the experience we want to advise you is to choose a unit with many years of experience, refer to the unit’s product, professional workflow, reasonable price, … to ensure the quality of design.

Realizing that the demand for beautiful packaging design is now increasing as well as the desire to provide the best products to customers, Brity is a unit with many years of design experience from packaging to logos. , … with a team of creative, professional designers, and always listen to the opinions of customers to be able to create the perfect product.

Over the years, many customers who use our services are very satisfied and highly appreciated about our products. Brity has a scientific workflow, professional management, after receiving customer requests, we will conduct design sketches and quote a price for customers.

When both parties get on an agreement, come to a contract, after the design is completed, we will send it to the customer to check and edit appropriately.