30 August, 2019 | Blog

How to have stunning packaging designs?

Packaging design is seen as a significant process that helps attract more customers. The combination of color, layout, together with the product image, makes the product itself and the enterprise stand out. A wide selection of products continues to flood the market, so a product with attractive package apparently grabs customers’ attention. In a longer term, the revenue will be remarkably boosted, helping to promote the brand’s identity as well as the brand’s value.

The Current Demand for Packaging Design

As aforesaid, manufacturers now are attempting to offer a broad range of products to meet us human’s demands, including food, technology, household appliances,…etc. In this producing process, packaging design rationally plays a crucial role.

An eye-catching packaging design can emotionally engage customers; consequently, enhance the manufacturer’s competitiveness. To put it another way, investment in packaging design and product marketing is such a sensible decision to improve the brand’s identity and to prove the enterprise’s professionalism.

Because of these undeniable benefits, the demand for packaging design tends to increase substantially, especially in such developing cities as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City, etc. For this reason, choosing a prestigious agency for packaging design is extremely necessary.

The Benefits of Attractive Packaging Designs

Trust Building

The product and its package undisputedly have a tight connection as an impressive package can draw customers’ attention and induce positive perception and curiosity about the product. It is not uncommon that customers initially differentiate a low-end product and a high-end counterpart by their packages.

Brand Marketing

The obvious benefits that packaging can bring to brand marketing are so great that manufacturers invest a great deal of money in packaging design without any hesitation.

Customer Attracting

For customers, there is no doubt that the products with unique and outstanding packages are preferred. As a result, those having special and stunning packages can draw customers’ attention more easily and effectively.

Revenue Boosting

It might be surprising to know that mood states do affect customers when they buy something. Many people confess they buy a product just because of its impressive packages rather than the unknown quality inside. Accordingly, the more attractive the package is, the higher the revenue seems to get. Of course to earn customers’ loyalty, the product’s quality still remains really important.

Counterfeit Identifying

Fake products are now displayed and sold widely in the market, causing confusion among customers. Therefore, unique and stunning packaging designs greatly help to fight counterfeiting and reinforce the brand as well.

How To Have Stunning Packaging Designs?

Up to now, the question “How to have stunning packaging designs?” still remains a great concern to lots of enterprises since it can exert direct impacts on the brand. Once having attractive packaging designs, the enterprise can reap numerous benefits and leave good remarks on its consumers.

Some criteria needed for packaging design are listed as below:

Brand Identity

No matter how good the product is, without an attractive package, it will be blurred or dominated by other surrounding products, making it harder to bring the brand closer to consumers. Package is the key to impress customers, so the logo, icon and slogan that distinguish the product from others must be included and highlighted on the product’s package.


Creativity, one of the most important criteria, makes the product stand out among thousands products of the same line. Accordingly, consumers are often stricken by products with unique packages.


Consumers normally learn about the product’s usage, manufacturers, ingredients, preservation method, expiration date, etc. before they buy it; as a result, the facts or information provided need to be as accurate as possible.


Another determining factor in packaging design is the material which represents not only the enterprise’s professionalism but also its devotion to the product. For this reason, the material used should be eye-catching, long-lasting and well-protective so that the surrounding dirt, heat and humidity cannot affect the inner product. Currently, enterprises tend to prefer environmentally-friendly packaging materials.

Design Agency

The topnotch criterion must be considered is the design agency. They need to be experienced in such a field, able to offer a reasonable price and attain a professional working process to ensure the package quality.

Being aware of the increasing demand for packaging design, BRITY, with the hope of bringing customers the best products, is unquestionably a sensible choice. We, BRITY, are well-experienced in packaging design, with a creative and professional designer team, are here to create the best products for our customers.

In recent years, owing to BRITY’s professional working and managing processes, a lot of customers have experienced our services and left positive feedbacks so far. After getting orders from customers, we will sketch our designs and then make specific price lists for them. When the two sides came to the final decision and sign the contract, BRITY will start our work. The drafts are all sent to customers for checking and further editing to get the best product eventually.