14 June, 2019 | Blog

Discover the criteria when designing restaurant menu that will help you to augment your profits.

Menu is an extremely crucial and fundamental element to a restaurant. Therefore, to appeal and attract more customers, a unique, outstanding and remarkable menu is indispensable.

Here are some requirements for designing restaurant menu that customers can consider.

1. An eye-catching and stunning design.

One of the first standards when designing a restaurant menu that we should bear in mind is the dishes need to be outstandingly and attractively designed.

We all clearly know that consumers choose food firstly by their eyesight, so if you want to show to the customers a perfect and significant menu, the food images should be voluminously designed on the menu. And the illustration of food must be eye-catching and spectacular to appeal more customers.

In addition, the figures of the dishes designed in the menu should be carefully put in frame or should be clearly printed in bold or italic. The more the menu is beautifully printed and designed in this way, the more the restaurant can straightway sell their products to the clients, more than the restaurants whose menu has normal and usual designs.

2. Stay focus on the middle of the menu.

Generally, when customers see the menu and choose the dish, most of the dishes in the middle of the menu can easily attract more customers than the rest of the menu. Consequently, when designing the menu, It is the best and the most proper to print the most profitable dishes in the middle of the menu.

Besides, the dishes printed in the menu must be accurately, clearly and completely written. Because a wrong and incorrect menu often makes you lose more customers.

This is also the justification why when designing restaurant menu, we need to check the documents carefully and painstakingly to prepare for a convenient and functional printing.

3. The items in the menu has higher prices but more quantity

Normally, when designing a restaurant menu, having more items at higher prices with more quantity, but the ingredients are still the same, just like some standard meals, often helps the restaurant operate better and have higher productivity.

Therefore, when marking currencies, demonstrate the currency’s symbols will help to divert the attention of consumers from the price of the dish to its ingredients.

This is also a vital and crucial criterion when designing menus we need to take notice.

4. Remarkably and clearly specify the discounted items.

In the restaurant menu, when designing we also need to stunningly indicate the ingredients discounted in the menu. This is also a sign that helps to attract customers to pick up dishes from the menu more quickly and conveniently.

We also need to pay more attention to the size of fonts in the menu, and some popular and prevail fonts which mostly used are Ariel, Times New Roman, or Arial Black.

Also we should bear in mind to insert at the bottom of the menu’s page some information of the website, phone service delivery, emails to ordering so that users can keep in mind more quickly and easily.

In cases when the menu is old and dirty, we need to replace the menu immediately to ensure that the menu always attract and appeal more customers.