9 March, 2020 | Chưa được phân loại

Brand identity design unit in Thanh Hoa

Brity Creative specializes in designing brand identity in Thanh Hoa

Thanh Hoa is one of the major provinces located in the Central region of our country. Currently, the number of businesses in the province is increasing in both quality and quantity. In order to meet the needs of branding and business development of enterprises. Brity Creatvie has been providing brand identity design services in Thanh Hoa to businesses.

Designing a brand identity is the first step in the purpose of building and promoting the brand as widely and quickly as possible on the mass media.

What does brand identity mean for businesses?

The brand identity has long been considered as the most useful branding tool. It is supposed as  core asset of an enterprise that needs to be invested and developed sustainably in order to bring practical values. The brand identity products are an effective tool for businesses to do communication and marketing.

The brand identity set includes components such as company logo, product packaging, slogan, brochure, catalogue, signboard, advertising banners … A beautiful and professional brand identity kit will represent for the company expressing its identity through images, the use of symbols and words.

Businesses will use the brand identity to spread their messages and product campaigns to each potential customer.

The brand identity will help increase the competitiveness of businesses in the current supply market. It makes your product stand out from the competitors’.

The brand identity will impact the customer’s subconscious. Make your customers memorize your products longer. This will help the products and services of businesses be widely covered.

Once your business has a foothold in the domestic market, it is advisable to expand market share abroad. To be able to compete with larger competitors because you need a product and service of equal quality. And a professional brand identity will help your product and business impress international customers.

As a result, we can see that the brand identity brings many values and practical benefits for businesses. Therefore, you should invest in designing a brand identity towards the goal of long-term business development.

Finding professional brand identity design services in Thanh Hoa

Designing brand identity is the necessary work to help businesses add value quickly. In the world, many businesses own brands that are valued at trillions of dollars. Enterprises in Thanh Hoa are in the process of building and affirming their trademarks. The first step is to choose for yourself a reputable, quality service provider.

Brity Creative is a unit specializing in designing brand identity in Thanh Hoa for reference. Our services provide in-depth consultation and how to design and build a brand identity to suit the development orientation of the business.


Customers will receive a quality brand identity that meets criteria such as:

Uniqueness and prominence. When looking at your brand identity, customers will not be confused with another parties. The brand identity will clearly show the outstanding characteristics of the company, the industry and the strengths of the company.

Consistency of identifiers. An identifier includes many products from: logo design, signs, envelopes, business cards, invoices, uniforms … All must ensure consistency with the same signs to help customers easily recognize the company’s products.

Professionalism and difference. You need to make sure that the design of your brand identity clearly reflects the professionalism of your company. When customers look at this they’ll feel impress.

BRITY’s brand identity design process


Step 1: Collect information about businesses and competitors from which research and design the brand identity.

Step 2: Draft and design ideas to identify the brand identity in accordance with the requirements of the business.

Step 3: Present the ideas of each design to the customer. After the agreement, we will proceed.

Step 4: Producing, printing and handing over to customers. Brity will proceed to choose the design of printing materials in accordance with the requirements of the business. Handing over the complete brand identity to customers.

Commitment of BRITY CREATIVE to customers

With experience in designing brand identity for many businesses and organizations in Thanh Hoa. Brity Creative commit to customers:

  • Free advice and answer questions related to building a brand identity.
  • Edit unlimited number of times until customers totally agree with the final design
  • Commit to ensuring the schedule for customers
  • 24/7 customer care support. We will advise businesses to register trademark protection, logo protection.

Whichever enterprises, organizations and individuals needing to design brand identity in Thanh Hoa please contact the hotline of Brity Creative for advice and free support !