8 March, 2020 | Chưa được phân loại

Brand identity design in Ho Chi Minh City

Professional designing brand identity in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the “hot” economic regions of Vietnam. There are many private enterprises and foreign invested enterprises here. So the demand of designing the brand identity in TP. Ho Chi Minh City is now increasing. Please refer to the following article for more details about this service!

Designing brand identity in TP. HCM is one of the services that many customers are interested in and want to know more.


So why do we need to design a brand identity?

Many start-up companies often don’t focus on developing a brand identity system. The reason is that they are not aware of the significance and importance of this system. It is no coincidence that big businesses always focus on investing in brand identity. Because it shows the image, prestige and the class of the brand in the market.

  • A brand identity will shape what your brand is in the minds of your customers. A specific image that is easy to remember, easy to identify, easy to name will make customers memorize your brand longer.
  • The brand identity is a great assistant for marketing campaigns. The documents in the identifier will serve the advertising campaign for businesses in a professional manner that brings high efficiency.
  • The brand identity also helps increase sales and brand value. Customers will tend to trust and be willing to pay for branded products. A good brand identity will make your business products more attractive to customers. Since then indirectly promote the company’s revenue. In addition, the brand identity helps to add value to your brand. For example, when we see products bearing the Gucci, Dior, Chanel logos … it is implied that these are the high-end brands. Its users also have their own pride, which helps increase the value of the brand with the users.
  • The brand identity also helps to increase the value of the business quickly. Many businesses own brands that are worth billions of dollars. In addition to tangible values, there are also spiritual values that bring pride and pride to the company’s employees trying to develop and build up.

  Professional company designing  brand identity in TP. HCM

Brity Creative is a leading company specializing in designing brand identity in Vietnam. We consult in designing identity for businesses in many fields in Ho Chi Minh City.

When using Brity’s services, you will be assured of the quality of the service we provide. With a professional workflow, we will assist customers to design a beautiful, impressive and highly competitive brand identity.

At Brity,  to create a quality brand identity system, the employees of the company will follow these steps:

Step 1: Find out about the current situation of the business, research carefully on products and services, thereby giving the information on the creation of the identity most closely.

Step 2: Make idea and build creative orientation of brand identity. From there, make a reasonable design plan with details of the work items, time, and process.

Step 3: Make design sketches. After having enough information as a basis for the design, Brity will proceed to build an outline that provides about 4-5 design options to send to the customer for selection.

Step 4: Conduct presentation of design ideas. Messages sent in each design to help customers select one.

Step 5: After the customer has decided which design ideas to choose. The company will proceed to finish designs and applications for printing. Prepare manuals using brand identity for customers in the most detailed and effective way.

The reason that you should choose Brity Creative to design brand identity

With experience designing brand identity for many businesses across the country. Brity Creative is the trusted address for customers. We are committed to helping customers design the right brand identity and suit your business goals.

Design profiles are provided in full with high quality image files with complete user guides for the customer. You will be free to use the designs provided by Brity.

The company will advise customers to register intellectual property laws and protect trademarks. We will always accompany with customers in the process of branding in the most thoughtful and dedicated way!

Customers need to consult and design a brand identity in Ho Chi Minh City, please call the Brity Creative hotline immediately for advice and timely support!