Blog — 9 March, 2020

Professional brand identity design for resort

Design a professional resort brand identity The resort brand identity has a great importance of the professional resort business. Experience shows that the resort investing in a set of brand ...

Blog — 13 June, 2019

The latest trend of designing food package in this year ( Part 2)

In the competitive market times nowadays, with types of products as food, if would like to attract customers  for notice, it’s necessary to have an impressive food package design that ...

Blog — 13 June, 2019

Why did the kingpin of Asanzo electronics industry conduct to re-position brand?

Changing and re-positioning brand of the kingpin of Asanzo electronics industry recently has made no little diligent in electronics industry. And the decision on re-positioning brand of thekingpin Asanzo foretole ...

Blog — 13 June, 2019

Important Graphic design skills that you should know

Graphic design is one of the works that require not only high creativity but also uniqueness and breakthrough. However, this job is attracting numerous young people nowadays. Below are several ...

Blog — 5 March, 2019

What to pay attention when choosing website design services in Da Nang?

Da Nang is one of the most dynamic and developed cities in Vietnam, many types of services here have grown rapidly in recent years, buildings and companies have sprung up ...